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Ben Franklin Press is proud to provide complete offset printing services for their customers. From the initial pre-press phases of design and layout to the binding and shipping of your job, each step of our print process offers you full contact with your job. Here we will showcase a recent project, Sports Printing and Media Guides, to give you a glimpse of the print process at Ben Franklin Press.

Sports Printing & Media Guides

Just as hot dogs go with a day at the ballpark, we believe a baseball game is never complete without a souvenir program, media guides, banners, or commemorative player cards. When it comes to printing for the big game, Ben Franklin Press provides top-notch print quality and personable customer service. Big Ben Jumbo Graphics adds to this lineup by providing large format printing to handle anything from directional signs to large outfield banners. Clearly, our team has all the bases covered.

Media Guides

For the 2008 Major League Baseball season, Ben Franklin Press was chosen by 6 teams from across the country to design, layout, print, and bind media guides for use during the season. Click on a few of the images below to get more details.

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