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With its sleek styling, sturdy construction, and timeless quality, this classic toy truck is simple both in design and purpose. Ben Franklin Press maintains much of the same qualities offering a consistent printed product along with excellent customer service.

Simplicity and Functionality

At Ben Franklin Press, we happen to think that printing and toys hold a lot in common. Many toys are simple: they are often functional right out of the box. The objects that the toys are modeled after may not be so simple, but good toy designers understand this fact and design with an eye towards detail and simplicity. After all, what good is a toy boat that won't float due to poor design or complex assembly instructions?

At Ben Franklin Press, we know how technical printing can be. After being in business for over 50 years, you start to notice a few things. We noticed, for instance, that customers generally like our simple way of doing things like transforming a digital file into a beautiful magazine or brochure. In fact, Ben Franklin Press will make the entire process simple for a wide array of products, from pre-press to bindery and fulfillment. In recent years, we have made this simplicity extendable to even your largest ideas through large format digital printing: billboards, banners, cut-outs, and full-blown building wraps. Its our job to make things work, and to make them work correctly.

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